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Work-life-balance Bundle

  • For strong nerves and immunity
  • Save more than 10% compared to single purchase of products included
  • The bundle includes a total of 360 capsules
  • Sufficient for at least 2 months

Return to inner balance

ZeinPharma’s® exclusive Work-Life balance bundle contains everything you need to cope with your busy lifestyle.

Bundle contains:

  • 120 capsules of unique Cordyceps extract
  • 60 Rhodiola Rosea capsules with the key ingredients Rosavin and Salidrosin
  • 90 Vitamin B Complex Capsules for strong nerves
  • 90 capsules L-tryptophan to help you to sleep through the night and start the next day relaxed.


The unique Work-Life balance bundle from ZeinPharma ® in Germany will get you functioning at your best throughout the day and night. It helps you to maintain the right balance in professional life and gives you a restful night's sleep.

Our dietician has selected products which will enable you to experience stress-free days. Start your day with a morning full of vitality with Cordyceps, which helps enhance performance and resilience. High-quality ingredients ensure that stressful situations, work pressure and strenuous activity can be tackled with confidence, and because of its special formulation this combination helps you achieve steady nerves and a stronger immune system. During the day it boosts energy, thanks to the Rhodiola and Vitamin B Complex Capsules, and supports your metabolism. In addition, it can reduce tiredness and fatigue, making history of the midday energy dip!

For proper relaxation in the evening, the bundle includes L-tryptophan. With the help of L-tryptophan, you can switch off properly at the end of the day and fall into a restful sleep. You’ll be able to sleep right through the night and start again at full swing the next day.

Function of nutrients

  • Vitamin B complexe supports mental performance
  • Rhodiola Rosea reduces stress
  • L-Tryptophan improves sleep quality
  • Cordyceps extract acts vitalising

Possible applications

  • Sleep disorders
  • Restlessness and stress
  • Stressful everyday life
  • High workload

ZeinPharma’s ®Work Life Balance bundle helps you get through the day in balance with plenty of strength and energy, and then find the necessary rest and relaxation in the evening.

What is the best way to take Work-Life balance capsules?

  • Morning: 1 capsule Cordyceps before breakfast
  • Midday: 1 Capsule Rhodiola and 1 capsule of vitamin B complex before lunch
  • Evening: 1 capsule L-tryptophan 30 minutes before bedtime


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