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Glucomannan Capsules 3000 mg

Find patient medical information for GLUCOMANNAN on shaheenpharma including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have delivery

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Glucomannan Capsules

  • Effect approved by the EFSA
  • Adds to weight loss as part of a low-calorie diet
  • For a long lasting satiety
  • 500mg glucomannan from the konjac root per capsule
  • Intake recommendation : 2 glucomannan capsules should be taken 3 times daily before the main meals

    What exactly is glucomannan?

    Glucomannan is a vegetable fibre obtained from the root of the tropical aroid “konjac” (amorphophallus konjac). Structurally, glucomannan is an amyloid substance of branched carbohydrate chains.

    American clinical studies prove: the konjac root has the sensational quality of being able to sate the user and support a reduction in weight.

    Important to know: the konjac root is not to be confused with the French Cognac brandy (German: Kognak). The liquor named after the French city Cognac is obtained from white wine and has nothing to do with the konjac root used by us.

    Function of nutrients

    • Glucomannan is satiable
    • Glucomannan lowers cholesterol levels
    • Glucomannan supports weight loss

    Possible applications

    • Weight loss and diet
    • High blood cholesterol levels

      How exactly do our glucomannan capsules work?

      Glucomannan is considered as precious dietary fibre. It has the ability to steep water into a gelatinous substance. A process similar to the one happening in the stomach where it leads to a feeling of satiety. Thus, glucomannan adds to weight reduction as part of a low-calorie diet and helps maintaining a normal cholesterol level in the blood. An effect to profit from with our glucomannan capsules.

      What are recent studies reporting about glucomannan?

      During an 8-week study, an overweight group of test persons obtained 2 capsules (à 500mg) 3 times daily for consumption. The astonishing result: within 8 weeks, an average weight loss of 2.5kg could be reached. All this without a change in eating or physical activity habits – only with glucomannan capsules.

      What is the difference to other producers?

      The price differences concerning glucomannan capsules are considerable - the quality differences as well. You should be aware of whether the glucommanan is obtained from konjac flour or from the highly concentrated extract. The effects make the difference: glucomannan capsules from konjac flour are cheaper, but less effective. The glucomannan part is very low. In konjac extract, however, it has a percentage of up to 95% and is thus way more effective. While the glucomannan capsule with konjac extract steeps completely, the capsule with konjac flour builds only 1/3 of this mass. This is the reason for us to produce our glucomannan capsules from pure and high-quality konjac extract – with the highest possible glucomannan amount of 95%.

      Advantages of glucomannan capsule:

      • Continuous weight loss in a purely natural way
      • Each capsule contains the high-quality extract from the konjac root
      • You receive checked quality „Made in Germany“
      • For maintenance of a normal cholesterol levels and weight reduction within the scope of a low-calorie nutrition


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