Green Tea Deluxe Capsules
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Green Tea Deluxe Capsules


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ZeinPharma® Green Tea Deluxe Capsules

  • new dose: green tea extract powder with 98 % polyphenoles
  • strong antioxidant
  • supports weight loss
  • content: 60 green tea capsules
  • 500mg green tea extract powder
  • with manifold green tea ingredients: catechine, EGCG and caffeine
  • intake recommendation: 3 green tea capsules should be taken together with a daily meal

    Green tea – a tea with tradition

    Green tea (camellia sinensis) is valued for thousands of years in the traditional Chinese medicine for its health promoting properties. In the 6th century BC, green tea became popular in China as new tea variation, after having been brought from China to Japan by Buddhist monks who rubbed it to powder and prepared it with boiling water. Between the 16th and 17th century, also the Europeans discovered the valuable benefits of green tea. Due to its selected vitamins and minerals, green tea was and is an integral part of the traditional Chinese dietetics . The reason why green tea is so coveted, becomes clear in the scientific studies of the american “Yale School of Medicine”. The studies extol its wide application range. Green tea does not only have a high reputation as strong antioxidant but – according to numerous reports -also as promising weightloss appliance.

    Function of nutrients

    • Green tea increases the metabolism
    • Green tea helps regulating blood glucose levels
    • Catechin in Green tea is a strong antioxidant
    • Catechins act anti-bacterial

    Possible applications

    • Oxidative stress
    • High blood glucose
    • High cholesterol levels

    What is special about our Green Tea Capsules Deluxe?

    1.      The right tea plant:

    We obtain the tea plants for our green tea capsules exclusively from mounting heights above 1200m. Only starting from this height, they are especially delicate and imperishable thanks to ideal climatic conditions. Further, we only purchase green tea plants from the spring and winter harvest as the strong summer heat reduces the tea leaves' quality.

    2.      Own production in Germany

    The high-quality green tea extract is processed to green tea capsules exclusively in Germany.

    3.       Optimum dosage of green tea nutrients

    Each green tea capsule consists of 98% polyphenoles. 80% of these are catechines, of which 45% is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This is the highest dosage available on the market!

    Catechines are polyphenolic plant metabolites from the group of secondary plant substances. By dint of gentle processing, we obtain a 675mg epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) portion per daily dose for our product. EGCG is a special catechines form and a decisive quality characteristic of the tea plant.

    The Advantages of the Green Tea Deluxe Capsules:

    • Contributes to a healthy lifestyle
    • Strong antioxidative properties
    • High dosed: 500mg extract
    • 98% polyphenols in the extract


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