Griffonia 5-HTP
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Griffonia 5-HTP 100 mg Capsules


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5-HTP 100mg – remedy serotonin deficiency in a natural way

  • Normalises the serotonin level
  • With 98% seed extract from the griffonia plant
  • Against depression and uneasiness
  • 120 capsules, each with 100mg 5-HTP
  • Quality made in Germany
  • What do 5-HTP 100mg capsules contain?

    Our 5-HTP is extracted from the seeds of the African bull’s eye bean (griffonia simplicifolia). The amino acid 5-HTP is a pre-stage of the happiness hormone serotonin. What makes 5-HTP special is that it can easily cross the blood-brain border, to be transformed into serotonin in the brain. The triggered increase of the serotonin level leads to an antidepressant and calming effect. 5-HTP 100mg capsules can also balance achronic serotonin deficiency in an effective way.

  • What is special about our 5-HTP 100mg capsules?

    With our capsules you receive 100mg 5-HTP, extracted in a natural way from the seeds of the African griffonia plant. Other preparations often contain synthetically produced 5-HTP. With our 5-HTP 100mg capsules, you don’t need to fall back on chocolate or other high-calorie "happymakers" but receive a totally calorie-free product.

    Function of nutrients

    • Griffonia acts on the serotonin metabolism
    • Griffonia is mood-enhancing

    Possible applications

    • Depression and axiety
    • Sleeping disorder
    • Reduces appetite


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