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Maca Guarana Capsules


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ZeinPharma® Maca Guarana Capsules

  • With caffeine from guarana as well as essential vitamin E
  • 90 maca guarana capsules
  • 350 mg maca powder in each capsule
  • Suited for vegetarians
  • Intake recommendation: 2 maca guarana capsules daily

    What is maca?

    It is said that the legendary maca plant served the Inca warriors as indispensable aliment. When entering war, they took along rich supplies of maca. To the present day, people - especially in Peru - profit from the advantages the maca root has to offer. It is used in various dishes and is popular as vital substance. Experience the benefits of the maca root yourself and get use of all the precious ingredients.

    What is special about our maca guarana capsules?

    Our maca guarana capsules contain purest maca powder from the maca root. The powder contains numerous nutritive substances like iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphor as well as further minerals and vitamins. Apart from that, maca guarana capsules are enriched with guarana. The guarana is extracted from the seeds of the guarana plant, a type of lily that has its origin in the Amazon Basin. As the substance has a rather bitter taste, it is often added to other aliments. The guarana effect resembles coffee as it also contains caffeine. However, the effect of guarana is more gentle and the caffeine is absorbed slower by the human body. In addition to that, maca guarana capsules are enriched with precious vitamin E. Vitamin E has antioxidant characteristics and protects the cells of the human organism from oxidative stress.

    Advantages of our maca guarana capsules at a glance:

    • Pure maca powder from the maca root
    • Enriched with high-quality guarana and vitamin E
    • Premium quality by ZeinPharma®
    • This product is subject to strict quality regulations


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