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Vitamin D3: 2000 IU capsules


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Vitamin D3: 2000 IU capsules

  • High dose: 2000 IU is the equivalent of 50 micrograms per capsule
  • Vegetarian Vitamin D3 from lanolin
  • Naturally pure
  • For healthy teeth and bones
  • Boosts immunity
  • Aids normal muscle function
  • Highly recommended for children, teens and the elderly

Gloomy News for Intake of Vitamin D!

Think back over the last week! How often did you manage to get out in the fresh air and sunshine, and did you have at least one-quarter of your body uncovered? Where you in a place close to the 42nd latitude, somewhere like Rome, Barcelona or Istanbul? If the answers to these questions are ‘not everyday’ and ‘no’, then your body probably did not have the opportunity to create enough Vitamin D for its needs. The so-called ‘Sun Vitamin’ (Vitamin D) is only created in the body when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight and when there is enough cholesterol in the diet.

The German Nutrition Society recommends a daily intake of 20 micrograms (or 800ui) for all people between adolescence and 65 years old.

Light and Cholesterol for Vitamin D

The UV-B radiation from the sun causes the creation of Vitamin D in the skin. Often, the levels of sunlight in summer are sufficient to produce adequate levels of Vitamin D3. In only 15 to 30 minutes, the body can produce about 10,000ui of Vitamin D (more time and sunlight is needed for older people and those with darker skin. There is absolutely no danger of ‘overdosing’ on sunshine as the body automatically shuts production down after a time. The problem arises with our modern lives: most people work in encloses spaces, and, in many european countries, the sun is only strong enough for Vitamin D production for six months of the year. In winter, there is simply not enough UV-B radiation in this country, as too much is filtered out in the atmosphere.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that any deficiencies should be taken care of on a dietary level. Vitamin D plays a vital role in the general health and well-being of the entire body, and there is no other vitamin that fills so many vital needs.

Function of nutrients

  • Supports the immune system
  • Maintains healthy teeth and bones
  • Promotes healthy muscle function
  • ensures normal cell division
  • regulates the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus
  • Contributes to optimal levels of calcium in the blood

Possible applications

  • Muscle weakness
  • Easy susceptibility to infection
  • For healthy teeth and bones

Hence, it is easy to see why the consequences of Vitamin D deficiency can be catastrophic. In the opinion of many experts and doctors Vitamin D deficiency can result in serious disease. There is some evidence to suggest that Vitamin D deficiency can be the root of conditions as diverse as brittle bone conditions, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia and even high blood pressure.

Lack of Vitamin D in youth can result in rickets. In this condition, the development of the bones is disrupted, resulting in symptoms like scoliosis, susceptibility to bone deformities and even a tendency to tooth decay. Adults can fall victim to a painful condition, similar to rickets, called osteomalacia, in which the bones become softened and weak. Rickets tends to present in the very young, in infancy, while osteomalacia is found in the elderly: and it is perhaps significant that there two groups have higher than normal Vitamin D needs, easily able to absorb twice the recommended amount.

As well as bones and teeth, as mentioned above, the immune system and the muscles require a good supply of Vitamin D.

The Sunny Outlook for Vitamin D: high dose capsules containing 2000 IU of Vitamin D from ZeinPharma ®!

With our entirely natural product you are supplied with a high daily dose of 50 micrograms (2,000 IU) of Vitamin D. You are highly unlikely to ever be able to eat enough food to keep your Vitamin D levels topped up. Even the foods with the highest levels of Vitamin D would need to be consumed in huge quantities, such as:

  • 200g herring
  • 26kg mushrooms!
  • 42kg butter
  • 17 eggs – and that is every day!

Therefore, in order to keep you Vitamin D levels at a good level during the winter months, when there is little sunshine and not much UV-B radiation in the weak sunlight that does manage to shine down on us! Our Vitamin D3 capsules are a certain way to guarantee that you receive enough of the vital element.

Guaranteed Vegetarian Vitamin D3

Most commercial Vitamin D preparations come from animals, with most being extracted from cod liver oil. We want to supply our customers with a 100 per cent vegetarian option, and undertook intensive research in order to supply this. Our researchers discovered that lanolin is packed full of Vitamin D3, and lanolin is found in sheep’s wool. As the animal is absolutely fine after shearing, we are comfortable offering our product as a vegetarian-friendly product.

5 reasons to choose our Vitamin D3 capsules

  • 1. Powerful 2000 IU dose
  • 2. Guaranteed 100% vegetarian option
  • 3. Provides a full and optimal dose
  • 4. Helps build a strong immune system
  • 5. Grows solid bones and healthy teeth

With just one capsule per day, you can join that small fraction of the population that is well-supplied with Vitamin D3. Make sure that brittle bones, frequent infections and high blood pressure never become your problem!


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